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Carta Worldwide

Carta is a Toronto-based software company that provides processing for prepaid and mobile financial services. They have ambitious growth plans and are partnering with banks, telcos and prepaid program managers around the world to roll out contactless payment technology. 

They are tech leaders and needed to generate the thought-leadership to prove it!

I developed a content marketing plan including key audience profiles, competitive review, voice and tone guidelines, and an editorial strategy. Executing the plan, I now ghostwrite weekly blog content, turning highly complex ideas into easily digestible posts. 

As part of a larger marketing strategy at Carta, the content has seen huge traction:

  • 51% lift in organic traffic to Carta's website
  • 49% increase in LinkedIn followers
  • dramatic leap in keyword ranking
  • significant improvement in name recognition at events and in forums
Amanda is exactly what the doctor ordered - a sophisticated, experienced, highly professional and engaging content developer.

Since becoming the Director of Marketing at Carta my task was to develop a talented team that would have the experience and capability to develop brilliant content that would drive client engagement and brand recognition. Amanda is the one strategic team member that truly rounds out my marketing department - she is the full package and more.

Starting from her strategic approach of content planning and management, to driving projects forward relentlessly, she has proven to be highly valuable asset to my team. Her seasoned experience alone has afforded me a great deal of ease and trust as she works with our Carta executives and manages teams of other creatives/writers.

Amanda is a dream to work with and as part of a content development team, she earns my highest recommendation
— Paul Brandner, Director of Marketing, Carta Worldwide